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Welcome to CardsOnline!

CardsOnline is a platform that has been in operation for many years, developed exclusively for the use of PlastiCard’s clients.

CardsOnline allows our clients to place orders for Photo ID and Membership cards. it requires no installation.

You can gain access to it either from your computer or by downloading our App “PlastiCard” from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

You can only use this platform if you have a User ID and a Password already issued to you by PlastiCard Ltd.

CardsOnline utilises 256-bit encryption similar to those used by online banking. Your information is therefore extremely safe and secure.

CardsOnline is used by more than 500 organisations NZ wide, with more than 1 million records and individual photos.

Download our app “PlastiCard”

System Status:

Active – no known issues